House Rules

To make sure events organized by S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 are enjoyable for all guests, the following rules apply for visiting and staying at these events. Guests who do not follow these rules can be banned from events organized by S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 without the right of reimbursement of tickets and possible service- and/or other costs.

When entering the event premises you have read and agree to the terms and rules that apply during this event.

S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 holds the right to ask visitors for a valid ID at any time. It is mandatory by law to carry a valid form of ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.)

Bringing and/or being in the possession of glass, cans, fireworks, drugs, (fire)arms and/or other dangerous objects or substances, (alcoholic) beverages, and/or pets at S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 is not accepted under any circumstances

It is not allowed under any circumstances to use drugs or any other hallucinating substances. Being in the possession of or dealing these substances will also not be tolerated. Actions that go against these regulations will result in not being able to enter or bring removed from the event premises

When visiting events organized by S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 you are entering the event premises on your own risk. S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 does not accept any claims for damage in any shape or form, whether this is a direct or indirect repercussion of S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 its actions. This includes damage done by people working for S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99, third party organizations, etc. The only exception to this rule is when the damage results from intentional property damage.

Visitors of the S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 events are required to look presentable. Wearing discriminating and/or provocative clothing is not accepted. Wearing Full Colours clothing of motorgroups (OMG) is also not accepted.

(Sexual) intimidation, harassment, theft, discrimination and/or provocative behavior and/or attempts to are not tolerated by S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99.
In case visitors cause damage during their time at the event, S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 can and will deem said visitors financially responsible for the damage that was done. S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 might press charges depending on this behavior.

On and around the premises of the event location, videos and pictures can be taken. By visiting the event location you agree to being on said recordings. These recordings can be made public and/or be shared with third party organizations.

Visitors are required to follow the house rules and/or instructions given by S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 staff at all times. If the situation regards more serious matters, we will have to contact the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) and if deemed necessary the police.

In case a visitor does not act according to the house rules, they will be removed from the premises and/or get banned from attending events organized by S.V. Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 as well as from Campuscafé Lokaal ’99 itself for a certain time. The time this ban will last is dependent on what happened.